Rekze Laboratories products are now available on Amazon

REKZE Laboratories products are now available on Amazon No need to wait anymore for days to get your favorite hair care products directly to your home. REKZE Laboratories’ line of hair care products is innovative and uses ingredients proven most effective in treating hair loss problems. You can now order our products directly from our […]

Ingredient glossary – Ingredients used in our hair care products

Ingredients glossary – Passion for highest quality Our guide to ingredients is meant helping you in deciphering ingredient labels, as we believe researchers shouldn’t be the only ones able to read the label on a cosmetics item. This glossary is a comprehensive collection of every single top ingredient used in our products – compounds that […]

Hair trends for 2017. Healthy is always cool

2017 will be a great year for your hair. How can we tell? Well, because “natural looking hair” is one of this year’s trends, according to the famous publication In 2016 various celebrities decided to go for a natural look. Alicia Keys started a real movement and inspired lots of women with her public […]

Why Do You Need Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Hair Regrowth Treatment: With more than 40 percent people aged around 35 and 65 percent, people aged 60 experiencing hair loss issues, thinning of hair and balding have become one of the most common issues faced by both men and women, so has become the search for most effective hair regrowth treatment. Science and research […]

Finding the right hair care products for hair loss

Hair Care Products: If you find more hair on your brush than on your head, as a figure of speech, you are unfortunately suffering from hair loss. You may have tried everything possible; from tonics to lotions but nothing seemed to work. Well that is because you have to find the right hair care products […]

Caffeine Shampoo: How is Caffeine contributing to hair restoration?

Caffeine Shampoo and Hair Restoration? Caffeine Shampoo Topic: The hair restoration industry has conducted a lot of research to find new ways that could eventually lead to safer, more effective cures for hair loss and baldness. And the results show a compound to be particularly efficient: Caffeine. Studies have found that caffeine stimulates hair shaft […]

Does Taurine prevent hair loss?

Does Taurine prevent hair loss? Taurine is essential to promote hair growth and protect against damaging influences on the hair follicle. People constantly experience hair loss in certain periods, either naturally or because of various causes that lead to hair loss, like genetics or stress. This amino acid that can be found in breast milk, […]

Kapilarine – the powerful remedy for hair growth that works wonders

Kapilarine – the powerful remedy for hair growth that works wonders Most probably we’ve all searched at some point in life for that powerful remedy for hair growth that could work wonders, and for those who don’t know it yet, that’s the Kapilarine complex. Many of the treatments on the market involve over-the-counter solutions or […]

Sphingony, Astressin-B, Procapil in best hair growth products

Best Hair Growth Products: Until now was very hard to find the best anti hair loss and hair growth stimulating treatment with high ingredients like Sphingony, Astressin-B, Procapil, Kigelia africana fruit extract, Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract and Ginkgo biloba leaf extract with the best results. Our 24 Serum Hair Treatment,  uses advanced technology to promote […]

REKZE Laboratories’ Affiliate Program for Most Complex Anti-Hair Loss and Hair Growth Stimulating Line

MIAMI, FL (PRWEB) DECEMBER 13, 2016 REKZE Laboratories launches its Affiliate Program to provide opportunities to generate revenue to individuals and businesses in a continuous expanding market; the hair loss market being valued at USD 7.3 billion in 2015. Affiliate Marketers are able to offer their visitors REKZE Laboratories’ high-end anti-hair loss and hair growth […]