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REKZE Laboratories LLC, a privately held-boutique company, has launched its first line of hair care products dedicated to stimulate hair growth and fight against hair loss. With this launch REKZE Laboratories LLC makes the first step in its quest to become a leader in the beauty and hair care industry.

REKZE Laboratories LLC has united a team of experts in dermatology to create the most complex hair growth formula by using a high technology innovation process that can prevent hair loss from worsening and help stimulate your scalp naturally to boost blood circulation and better nourish hair follicles.

The company has developed some of the most unique products on the market by using the latest advancements in biotechnology to deliver results through non-prescription over-the-counter hair care products.

REKZE Laboratories brand is represented by two corporate entities based in the United States, REKZE Laboratories LLC, and respectively, in the United Kingdom, REKZE Laboratories Ltd, both entities are privately held.