Caffeine Shampoo: How is Caffeine contributing to hair restoration?

Caffeine ShampooCaffeine Shampoo and Hair Restoration?

Caffeine Shampoo Topic: The hair restoration industry has conducted a lot of research to find new ways that could eventually lead to safer, more effective cures for hair loss and baldness. And the results show a compound to be particularly efficient: Caffeine.

Studies have found that caffeine stimulates hair shaft elongation and prolongs the growth cycle by blocking the effects of DHT, the hormone responsible for damaged follicle and hair loss. The good news is not only that, as it looks caffeine may help balding men and women regrow some hair.

Caffeine Shampoo Study

In a 2014 caffeine hair study, hair follicles from men and women were treated with testosterone or testosterone and caffeine. These researchers noted that caffeine improved the hair shaft elongation and prolonged the hair growth phase. Caffeine stimulated the production of various proteins in hair.

Studies such as these appear to show that caffeine appears to have some effect on hair. Studies however appear to be limited to the test tube. A more real-life test would be to see if it grows hair on the heads of people.

But while would be nice to read that the morning cup of coffee would help thicken your hair. People would actually have to drink close to 50 cups a day to see any effect. This is definitely not recommended.

That’s why you’d better look for hair products that contain this compound as caffeine penetrates the hair roots. At the same time, caffeine is protecting the hair from negative testosterone impacts and from premature hair loss. Like ’63’ Shampoo and ’43’ Conditioner from REKZE Laboratories, which are rich in caffeine.

A daily hair washing with caffeine shampoo adds active caffeine to the hair follicle and needs to be left on for 2-3 minutes. Caffeine penetrates the hair follicle, strengthening weakened hair roots, and preventing hereditary hair loss.


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