Finding the right hair care products for hair loss

hair care productsHair Care Products: If you find more hair on your brush than on your head, as a figure of speech, you are unfortunately suffering from hair loss. You may have tried everything possible; from tonics to lotions but nothing seemed to work. Well that is because you have to find the right hair care products for your hair loss affection. Hair care products on the market use various ingredients that can work for a type of hair, but not for others. This means not all hair care products can treat hair loss. Before you buy any new hair care products, consider finding the cause of your hair loss. There may be several reasons that have caused you to experience hair loss.

Some of them include: poor diet, pollution, genetics, lack of proper hair care, clogged follicles and pollution. It is useless to now wish that you had taken better care of your hair or maintained a good diet. The best thing to do right now is to find a safe solution to your hair loss problem. Most of the hair care products for hair loss and hair growth use Minixidil, which is a compound known for its side effects like Itching or skin rash. Minoxidil has proven efficient in treating hair loss affections, however research in the field has much evolved and other ingredients have been found to have same results but without any side effects, one of these is Procapil (patended trademark).

As ingredients used in hair care products designed to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth play a key role in the whole hair loss treatment, REKZE Laboratories has developed an entire innovative line of hair care products without Minoxidil, and has chosen only those natural ingredients known to have little or no side effects and deliver best results. Among these are: Biotin, organic Lycopene, Taurine, Caffeine, Citric acid, Emu Oil, Procapil, Sphinganine and others.

How REKZE Laboratories hair care products for hair loss and hair regrowth work?

63 Shampoo has a dual role. The first is it takes care of the existing hair. The second is it slowly reduces the amount of hair loss you experience. Thereby, overtime you can be assured of a healthy growth and lesser hair fall. The shampoo will not only maintain the hair on your head, but it will also help you in your fight against hair fall.

43 Conditioner: REKZE Laboratories’ anti hair loss conditioner works on your hair to moisturize it and provide it with the required proteins. This hair care product will nourish your current hair and give your hair a healthy appearance. Using 43 Conditioner, your hair will not only remain healthy but will also add smoothness to it. Thereby the conditioner provides your hair with the required care and minimizes the frequency of hair loss.

24 Serum: This anti hair loss serum formula strengthens the hair roots and provides the scalp with adequate moisture after a hair wash. The serum provides the hair roots will the required strength so that hair loss is minimized, delivering a strong, healthy hair while freeing the scalp of blockages, build-ups, and debris. Additionally, the already healthy hair benefits from the serum as the serum protects your hair all through the day.

28 Wipes: REKZE Laboratories; scalp wipes are a unique product on the market and are meant to be used on the scalp throughout the day. These wipes should be used to clean the scalp properly and thoroughly. This will allow your scalp to feel fresh and cleansed at anytime during the day.

REKZE Laboratories hair care products line for hair loss and hair regrowth work effectively over time and allow your hair to grow back thicker and stronger without the use of Minoxidil and are designed to assist you in reviving the hair you once flaunted and reducing the rate of hair loss enough for you to gain back your confidence.

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