The truth about hair loss and hair regrowth products

Our clients are truly our most important asset and we want out clients to be well informed about the type of hair products they use or should use so that they make the best choices for them and their hair. That’s why this article will explain the key topics about hair loss and hair regrowth. Hair loss is a matter concerning both men and women and it’s a condition affecting over 70% of the population, especially individuals over 25 years old.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair loss is caused in some cases by hereditary factors. In this case, the hair loss is permanent, which means there is no treatment or drug to heal the condition. This means that when hair fall is caused by heredity, the positive results one gets when using an anti-hair loss product last only as long as one uses the product.

There are of course also factors that cause temporary hair loss like nutrition, hormonal imbalance, stress, chemotherapy, etc. All these can lead to hair loss, but with proper treatment to address each specific cause, as well as using the right hair products, the battle can be won. When it comes to temporary hair loss, the treatment doesn’t have to be used for the entire lifetime. It can be used however as a precautionary measure.

Wonder ingredients and products for hair regrowth and against hair loss

The most commonly known ingredients against hair loss are Minoxidil and Finasteride. These ingredients are sold under various commercial names. However – something not many individuals know-, that these ingredients are FDA approved. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for protecting public health by regulating human drugs, biologics, and cosmetics, among others. Minoxidil and Finasteride are drugs and not cosmetic products. Because of this characteristic, in many countries, they can be released only with prescriptions as they are related to some serious side effects.

These ingredients have been used in treating hereditary hair loss for over 50 years and because of their commonness many individuals remained fixated in using them when confronted with hair loss. However, science has evolved since and other, even more efficient, safe ingredients have been discovered.

The anti-hair loss products market has experienced a boom in products claiming they can treat this condition and promising the greatest hair you’ve ever had. To be able to navigate this stream of products you need to be well informed. It is important to know how to differentiate between a mass-market product that uses a mix of just a few essential oils and a dermato-cosmetic product clinically and dermatologically tested and proven efficient, such as ours, that uses clinically proven ingredients.

Marketing, Marketing and Marketing again

Most certainly you have seen anti-hair loss products that cost only a few bucks and products such as ours that have prices starting at 30 dollars. The difference doesn’t come from one producer’s desire to earn more on the product and other less. This difference comes from the quality of the ingredients, as well as the costs incurred by a company to test the products so that they achieve the purpose for which they are created.

Most probably if someone would choose between a product that promises hair regrowth in 10 days and costs 10 bucks and another one that is clinically proven to help hair regrowth after 28 days, but it costs $49.99, they will choose the $10 product. The main reason is that no one wants to take a financial risk too high, but when doing so they don’t realize they take an even higher risk to end with a product that will not work as it promises and it will not deliver the desired results. Those who choose the more expensive product are those individuals who research before buying and understand that the higher price of a product comes also with benefits, and also understand what results they can expect, given their specific situation.

If an individual has reached the age of 50 and has only used $10 products so far, getting no results, it will become harder for this person to obtain the desired results even if they start using a quality product. This is not because the product doesn’t work, but because the longer a person waits, the hair loss advances so much that it becomes difficult or impossible to treat.

The stages of hair loss and how can REKZE products help

There are about seven stages of hair loss, but these may vary based on what has caused it. The most important thing to know is that if you want to keep your hair throughout your adult life, you’re going to need to take action as soon as you catch the first signs of hair loss. You’ll want to start treating the condition within the first stages. Ideally, the sooner the better. But even in the later stages, you still have a chance to stop further hair from falling out – and with a bit of luck and good treatment, you might even regrow some hair as well.

Our products work twofold. First, they are created with the aim to stop and prevent further hair loss, by regulating DHT levels on the scalp, cleaning the dead skin and excess sebum on the scalp that may clog the pores and revitalize the hair follicles. Secondly, they stimulate the dormant hair follicles which ceased to produce hair to regrow it. No matter which is the reason for using the products, the results will vary from individual to individual based on the stage of hair loss, as well as its causes.

Hair transplant, the final solution

Many times we bump into people saying hair transplant is the final solution to hair loss. Indeed, in some cases, this is the last solution, but one should not forget that even after the hair transplant you have to use quality hair products. In most cases, the transplant is made on a certain area of the scalp, but the transplant, as well as the rest of the hair, needs treatment to avoid that the affected area expands, and to maintain a healthy transplant and scalp.

SCAM, Snake oil, doesn’t work and so forth

We’ve seen many comments using the above expressions and they are understandable as probably many of those making these comments have bought $10 products and they already reached an advanced stage of hair loss. Most certainly they’ve thought those products will get them an overnight regrowth of hair.

Compared to others, we take this condition very seriously and we are aware of all the psychological effects of hair loss that is why we only promise what we can really offer. Our products will not work 100% for all and not all the consumers will get the desired results, but this is common knowledge for us, at it should be for all those who experience hair loss. As mentioned before, results vary from individual to individual and depend on many factors. The same happens with any condition. For example, when treating common flu, it’s possible that the first medical recommendation doesn’t work for you and you’ll need another medication to treat it.
The thing you should consider when you decide to buy a product it is to check the website, the contacts, the company that’s manufacturing it, and so forth, to avoid being deceived and thus avoiding any scams.

Testimonials and before and after photos

Many individuals search for testimonials and they want to see before and after photos. This is something normal. But bear in mind that some of these can be deceiving. In our case, we launched a marketing campaign offering free products to those sending us before and after photos or write testimonials. Since 2016 we had hundreds and thousands of units sold worldwide, but just a few have sent testimonials or photos, even if they are loyal customers and continue to buy the products. When it comes to hair loss, individuals are not so keen to show themselves in a position that may be considered vulnerable. If an anti-hair loss product works they don’t want to be reminded of the traumatic experience.

We have a clinical study for all our products and an official report made by an independent FDA approved laboratory, and the results have been tested closely because, in the end, more important than a testimonial which can be deceiving it’s a scientific study.

On big platforms, such as AMAZON, one can see products barely listed with tens of testimonials and images that cannot be for real in such a short time. The fake reviews have become a phenomenon widely spread. That is why information and research are vital to not put yourself, your health and your money at risk without knowing what product will you be using exactly. We advise all our customers and prospective customers to buy only from secure places and always check the company and the product, not only the testimonials.
Instead of conclusion

At REKZE Laboratories we try to grow by offering the highest quality products and services. Most important to us is to deliver accurate information and to draw clients that are satisfied with our products, to continue to use them and enjoy real and effective results.

If you’d like us to address other issues or topics, or you simply have questions, please don’t be shy and leave us a comment.

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    Hi Jitesh, Thank you for your question. Alopecia Areata is still a hair loss problem with internal causes. Our products not matter the name of alopecia can help to fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth, but in all cases, body health can make a difference when we talk about results. For example, if your causes of alopecia areata were physical stress, then a shampoo or hair serum can’t fix your physical stress but can help your body from outside and with your balance stress to fix this issue. Have a great day!

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