Does Taurine prevent hair loss?

taurineDoes Taurine prevent hair loss?

Taurine is essential to promote hair growth and protect against damaging influences on the hair follicle. People constantly experience hair loss in certain periods, either naturally or because of various causes that lead to hair loss, like genetics or stress. This amino acid that can be found in breast milk, meat and fish provides sulfur for hair growth and appearance and prevents breakdown of hair follicles.

Taurine is used also in hair care products created to fight the hair loss and stimulate hair growth like ’63’ shampoo from Rekze Laboratories, as studies have shown this compound maintains skin health and prevent the breakdown of hair follicles.

The amino acid can be helpful in treating hair loss in particular if the cause is vitamin deficiency. It is a building block for proteins such as keratin, the key structural component for hair. It is also one of the most abundant amino acids and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, which play an important role in the process of wound healing. The lack of Taurine will result in weak, wispy hair that is easier to be lost and it is important to keep its levels up to maintain good skin and healthy hair follicles.

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