Sphingony, Astressin-B, Procapil in best hair growth products

best hair growth products for men and womenBest Hair Growth Products: Until now was very hard to find the best anti hair loss and hair growth stimulating treatment with high ingredients like Sphingony, Astressin-B, Procapil, Kigelia africana fruit extract, Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract and Ginkgo biloba leaf extract with the best results.

Our 24 Serum Hair Treatment,  uses advanced technology to promote thicker, healthier hair using skincare methods to treat the entire scalp not only the vertex. Our formula combines over 24 ingredients known to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss so it can be rightfully named the most advanced anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating treatment serum on the market today. ‘24’ delivers strong, healthy hair while freeing your scalp of blockages, build-ups, and debris, resulting in your healthiest hair and scalp possible.

Rekze Laboratories’ anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating serum fights against thinning or shredding hair are conceived to ensure that the efficacy of the formulation does not drop off over time, as commonly happens with other treatments.

Now, let’s talk more about SPHINGONY which we have inside of 24 Serum.  SPHINGONY prevent hair loss, rebalancing the life cycle of hair and improve scalp skin and hair growth. Is the trade name for Sphinganine, a naturally occurring, skin-identical sphingolipid. It is produced by fermentation of a unique yeast fermentation, ensuring that Sphinganine features the same stereochemical configuration as found in nature and in human skin. The skin-identical stereochemistry of Sphinganine is of key importance for its biological functions.

Best hair growth products and benefits of Sphingony

  • A unique sphingolipid based on Evonik’sceramide expertise;
  • Skin identical stereochemistry;
  • Effectively improves the appearance of hair quality;
  • Promotes a healthy scalp, resulting in the appearance of voluminous hair;

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