Minoxidil VS Procapil

Procapil® VS Minoxidil. Watch out, Minoxidil! Procapil’s the new gem in the hair loss battle

When looking for options for restoring hair loss, most people can name the two well-known chemicals: Minoxidil (trademark name Rogaine or Regaine) and Finasteride (trademark name Propecia), but there is a third compound, a botanical one, that demonstrates in many cases even superior results to those two.

This compund is called Procapil® by Sederma, a trademark name for the patented compound Biotinyl Tripepdide-1. Procapil is a new breakthrough formula that strengths hair and prevents hair loss naturally. This compound combines vitaminated matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid to that target the main areas of hair loss.  It is completely natural and topical, and has no demonstrated side effects.

Hair fall is a major concern today for many people. You may have noticed an increasing number of strands of hair in your sink and on your hairbrush, or maybe you are beginning to see more of your scalp when you look in the mirror. If so, bear in mind you are not alone!

There are millions of men and women experience hair loss as they age, sometimes starting as early as their ’20s or ’30s. Hair loss can take a variety of forms, including thinning hair as a result of excessive hair loss, or circular bald patches that appear where clumps of hair have fallen out and the factors leading to hair loss can be numerous. The good news is that depending on the reason or your hair loss, you may be able to reverse it or at least slow it down.

Procapil® works as effectively  without the side effects, harsh chemicals, or smell

Clinical tests have proven that Procapil can boost new hair growth by up to 121% along with reducing hair loss by 58%. This effect is thanks to its DHT-blocking mechanism that treats alopecia, more commonly known as baldness, at the source – the hair follicle. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a sex steroid and androgen hormone, which affects both men and women, and the human body produces it naturally. By middle age or because of hormonal dysfunctions, DHT increases around the hair follicles, blocking nutrients and leading to malnourished and diminished growth.

Having to manage the side effects from Minoxidil can be a challenge. While Minoxidil is generally well tolerated, some common side effects include burning or irritation of the eye, itching, redness or irritation at the treated area, as well as unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body have been reported.

World’s most complex anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating serum with Procapil

The good news with Procapil® is that clinical tests have proven it offers no long or short-term side effects.

Besides its increased efficacy in fighting some of the direct causes of hair loss, the lack of side effects is one of the reasons REKZE Laboratories has decided to use this compound in its line of anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating products, for ’24’ hair growth treatment serum, completed after by other high ingredients like Sphingony, Astressin-B, Collagen, Keratin, Voluminis, Kigelia africana fruit extract, Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract and Ginkgo biloba leaf extract. 

UPDATE 10/2017: The 24 serum from REKZE Laboratories has been clinically tested and proved to improve hair thickness by 7% and hair density by 25% in the control group, after just 4 weeks of use by both men and women with hair fall tendency, noticeable diffuse thinning, dry damaged aspect of hair, hair that is easily breakable.

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Questions & Reviews about Procapil® and Minoxidil?

Leave us a comment or a review about your experience with any product who have Procapil or Minoxidil in composition.

25 thoughts on “Minoxidil VS Procapil

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    • Michele says:

      Dear Alamro, yes can be use but you don’t need to apply at the same time Minoxidil and Procapil, you can apply for example on the morning minoxidil and on the evening Procapil.

  4. Sounds says:

    Why don’t you produce more publicity for this product if its so successful.

    When a man experiences hair growth after some months, could he stop using your product? Or has to continue for life? Otherwise hair would fall off again??

    Thank you.

    • Michele says:

      Hi Sounds,

      Thank you for your message and interest in our products and brand. At REKZE Laboratories we focus on investments in research and innovation to be able to develop the highest quality products and solutions. This has been our priority since the beginning and we’ll continue to invest in this area over marketing. We want to meet our customers’ expectations and to always provide best products for their needs.

      We always advise our customers to first determine the cause of hair loss as a first step to an efficient treatment. Results may vary among individuals depending on what caused the hair loss in the first place. Topical treatments work best when there is also a good general body health. This also determines the length of the treatment. Some people have to use specific products for the rest of their life to slow down the hair loss process. However, only your physician or dermatologist can determine if this is your case.

      We hope this answers your questions. If you need further information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

      Best regards!

  5. Angadi says:

    Does procapil make the scalp dry? In the case of Minoxidil scalp becomes dry and dandruff increases a lot and users may experience a prior hair-fall before repair. Does this happen with procapil also

    • Michele says:

      Dear Angadi, Thank you for comment. In most of the cases this situation occurs due to the concentration of alcohol find on the product, anyway in the case of our product, 24 Serum, is not appropriate, no such adverse effects have been reported. Best!

    • Michele says:

      Dear Jeba,

      Hair loss and hair growth is influenced by several factors, but yes, using a product with Procapil can help to increase hair growth.

      Thank you.

    • Michele says:

      Dear Pathik kundu, Thank you for comment. Our hair growth stimulating serum is not coming only with Procapil, it is a complex treatment with over 24 ingredients (Collagen, Astressin-B, Keratin etc), so we can’t compare one ingredient like Minoxidil with a entire formula clinically proven.

  6. Dean Thomas says:

    Thanks for the informative post. This post is a kinda big relief for me. I’m 45 and have alopecia hair loss problem. I tried many things and never get any positive result. I hope those products you reviewed up here can help me to grow back my hair and I just wanna know that I have to use both of hair promoting products or only one?

  7. Minoxidil says:

    Thanks for this valuable Information Sharing with us your review is very nice.
    Thanks once again for this Wonderful article.
    Keep on posting!

  8. nitesh kaushik says:

    minoxidil + procapil or procapil solo . which one is better to use ?
    i read the whole article and i found that minoxidil comes with the composition of the alcohol and it makes our skin dry and damage the scalp , causes dandruff , but with the procapil solo these issues can be skip.
    now please make a statement regarding this, minoxidil + procapil or procapil solo?

    • Michele says:

      Dear Nitesh, Thank you for your question. Each product has its own composition, formula, about which we are unable to talk. But what we can do is talk about our product formula. So, if we can help you with information about our products, we are delighted to be at your disposal. Have a great day!

  9. VIKRAM says:

    I am using Procapil for the last 2 months. But still I am facing hair fall. In fact my hair fall increased and I literally lost my hair density after using Procapil. Will there be any hair fall in the initial 2 months? Or should I stop using it before I loss more hair? Please help. Thank you

    • Michele says:

      Hi, After you start a hair treatment it is normal to see on the first weeks some hair fall but not for more then 1-2 weeks, in your case i suggest to stop using the product and visit a doctor. Best,

  10. Mintrx says:

    Have tried Minoxidil, and see some regrowth already (3 months). However, both liquid and foam leave my hair sticky and dull-looking. Is there a best time to apply it or to shampoo that might help? Is it okay to use detangling or shine sprays after the Minoxidil has dried? Thanks for any advice!

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