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Hair trends for 2017. Healthy is always cool

2017 will be a great year for your hair. How can we tell? Well, because “natural looking hair” is one of this year’s trends, according to the famous publication Elle.com. In 2016 various celebrities decided to go for a natural look. Alicia Keys started a real movement and inspired lots of women with her public […]

Gym and Hair Loss

A healthy body leads to a healthy hair Exercising has a lot of benefits, but one few know is that it can improve your hair health too. What’s good to remember is that you should never over-exercise, and you should always consider also your body’s needs. Why we’re saying this? Because going to the gym […]

Can I make hair grow faster?

Know the facts and choose smart! If you found this article by typing on Google the question: How can I make hair grow faster? you must know that despite all the “five quick steps” recipes that you will find on the internet, things don’t happen overnight! In fact, there are no shortcuts for a healthier, […]