Gym and Hair Loss

A healthy body leads to a healthy hair

Exercising has a lot of benefits, but one few know is that it can improve your hair health too. What’s good to remember is that you should never over-exercise, and you should always consider also your body’s needs.

Why we’re saying this? Because going to the gym or exercising in excess without considering the nutritional needs of your body can deplete your body from nutrients and can lead to further hair loss by putting your body under chronic stress. That is why you should always consider providing your body with the necessary nutrients and vitamins before working out.

Besides this there are other factors one should look after when exercising because they can also cause the hair to fall. One of these is the chlorinated water in pools. When going swimming consider wetting your hair with water without chlorine before entering the pool and washing your hair with the same water without chlorine every 30 minutes.

Also don’t forget to use the right hair care products that actually help reducing hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The type of products you use has the same importance as taking care of the health of your body. Use only products proven most efficient in treating these affections like the new line of products from Rekze Laboratories.

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