Hair loss after childbirth – is this normal?

Hair loss after childbirth

How to take care of your thinning hair, post childbirth

Hair loss after childbirth: If you are a new mom experiencing hair loss after childbirth, you should know two essential facts about the problem you are facing: firstly, hair thinning and hair loss after childbirth is absolutely normal, secondly, this is only a temporary condition, so you should not be alarmed!

As many of the physical and emotional changes you are experiencing, hair problems have the same cause: hormonal changes. Hair loss after childbirth is a pretty common condition that affects 40-50% of women, according to American Pregnancy Association.

Why is this happening?

Many women enjoy during pregnancy a thicker, beautiful hair and this is thanks to the increased level of estrogen. This prevents hair from falling at the normal rate it is supposed to (typically we lose at least 70-100 hair per day). After childbirth, the estrogen level drops and hair starts shedding with increased speed.

Dermatologists talk in this case about Telogen effluvium and explain that this is a common type of alopecia, manifested by a general widespread thinning of the hair. In most of the cases shedding occurs about three-four months after giving birth. This is only temporary as hair starts to grow back normally, within six to nine months.

Besides hormonal changes, stress during the first months of taking care of a newborn, and the extreme fatigue mothers sometimes face can also contribute to hair loss.

Hair problems connected to pregnancy occurs rather after childbirth, than during pregnancy. If you are experiencing massive hair loss during pregnancy, talk to your doctor about it.

Hair loss after childbirth? What can I do about it?

As mentioned before, hormones are causing hair thinning, therefore is a normal process and you cannot stop hair from falling. But you can help your hair to regain its strength by following some simple advice:

  • Choose the right shampoo. Go for a product that gently cleanses the scalp and stimulates hair growth. 63 Shampoo developed by REKZE Laboratories has a unique formula, combining best ingredients known to stimulate hair growth. The Biotin contained by ‘63’ shampoo helps grow healthier and stronger hair, and it makes hair grow fast and thicker.
  • Avoid using chemicals and colors, also use as rarely as you can blow-dryers and flat irons.
  • Brush gently your hair and never comb wet hair.
  • Maintain a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables.

Check also the American Academy of Dermatology advice: Hair loss in new moms.


If you are concerned about massive hair loss, during or after pregnancy, always contact your doctor for a medical professional advice!

If you are breastfeeding, talk to your doctor about your diet and the products you are using.



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