Travel light with REKZE Laboratories travel boxes: 63 Shampoo and 43 Conditioner

When travelling packing is an art, and usually it should be a minimalist art. Those who travel often have developed their own system for packing efficiently and lightly. What they know is that travel boxes and kits are a traveller’s best friend. Not only that travelling light it’s the new trend, but it has also become a necessity with all airlines, especially budget airlines, charging pretty outrageous sums for bags exceeding a certain size and weight.

When it comes to cosmetics like shampoos, conditioners, body lotions and face creams, you can always use those special 100ml bottles that one can buy everywhere. But even these tend to me messy if they’re not properly handled. If you have a long stopover and you need to wash your hair you may find out your shampoo bottle spilled all over your cosmetics bag. And if you want to use your shampoo and not the one at the hotel you might find yourself in trouble.

Pocket size high-performance formula

Because REKZE Laboratories understands how important it is to travel light, but also to make sure you have you favorite shampoo at hand, has launched travel boxes for its 63 shampoo and 43 conditioner. These very practical travel boxes include 10 sachets of shampoo and, respectively, conditioner, 10 ml each sachet. With these travel sachets not only you won’t have to worry anymore about shampoo and conditioner leaking and ruin your clothes and shoes, but they also have the perfect dosage for one or two washes making them ideal for emergency situations, which can often occur during travel. They also need less space and you can take as many as you want without worrying about weight and dosage.

Besides the practical benefits, the travel boxes from REKZE Laboratories make treating your thinning and dry hair very easy even during vacation. 63 shampoo travel box and 43 conditioner travel box use same clinically proven high-performance ingredients in an innovative formula, as the available 200 ml bottle, to provide real results even when being far from home. 63 shampoo and 42 conditioner help rejuvenate, condition, and nourish the scalp and hair follicles, restoring the optimal conditions for a healthy hair growth. 63 shampoo and 43 conditioner are designed for both men and women.

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