Why is “dermatologically tested” label important?

Why is “dermatologically tested” label important?

When having sensitive skin, which can translate in redness, itchiness and dryness, among other symptoms, people tend to be anxious about trying new products. Understanding the role sensitive skin plays in most of the people’s everyday life has the same importance as understanding the role “dermatologically tested” label plays for our cosmetic and hair products.

People with sensitive skin are reluctant trying new and unfamiliar products out of fear they’ll cause irritation. Most common irritants in the skin are parabens, SLS and also synthetic fragrances. “Dermatologically tested” label ensures the products are safe and free of these harsh ingredients, as well that they have been tested on skin under dermatologist supervision.

Check also ingredients list

Unfortunately, there are also products on the market that are not safe even if they show “dermatologically tested” label. That happens because the label is not yet regulated and even if those products have been tested on skin and did not show any irritation on the panel of volunteers during testing, they can still include in their formula ingredients that may cause irritation or itchiness. That is why besides checking for this label on any cosmetic or hair product, it is also important to check the list of ingredients and make sure they also have safe and pure ingredients.

REKZE Laboratories understands the important role sensitive skin plays when using cosmetic and hair care products and that is why has decided to use for all its products natural active ingredients without the risk of side effects. Additionally, REKZE Laboratories products are safe to use as they are developed completely without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, these low-cost detergents used in most of the cosmetics and that linked to irritation, and hair loss due to follicle attack.

Although the organic and natural ingredients used in REKZE Laboratories products are selected especially for their gentle properties and nature, REKZE Laboratories wanted to reassure its customers investing in its products and has decided to further test its products making sure all of them are also dermatologically tested. REKZE Laboratories products are 100% free of these harsh ingredients and safe to use.

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