My hair is falling, should I visit my doctor?

doctor-treats-hair-lossHair loss is an elusive condition most of the times and it is difficult to diagnose, needing extensive tests and examinations to find the root of the issue. Also in many cases, it is not a standalone problem, rather more serious health problems. These range from hormone imbalances and autoimmune disorders to various skin conditions, treatments and medications, as well as genetic predispositions. All of these, and not only, are probable hair loss culprits. This mile long list makes it difficult for those who end up suffering from hair loss to know exactly what kind of doctor can treat them and when exactly it is recommended to see a doctor.

Choosing the right doctor to treat your hair loss

If you’ve noticed your hair falls much more than before, the best place to start is to visit your general practitioner or family doctor. They already have an understanding of your medical history and they can recommend general tests to see if there are any sudden physical irregularities in your body, or use of medications that could trigger hair loss. Having a comprehensive knowledge of your medical history they can also determine whether hair loss you’re suffering can be a natural genetic predisposition.

Your general practitioner can refer you to other physicians specialized in specific fields if tests results raise any concerns. There are various types of doctors and health professionals who can help you treat your condition, and they range from dermatologists, endocrinologists to nutritionists and trichologists.

Don’t let procrastination worsen your condition

Don’t postpone your visit to the doctor; go early when noticing the first symptoms of hair loss. Hair loss can be a mild condition caused by a long period of stress that goes away when the stress factors are removed. This is temporary and lasts only as long as the stress factors or events last. Nevertheless, hair loss can hide a more serious system condition and that is why it’s important to look into the problem immediately.

Figuring out what’s causing your hair loss is the best way to quickly find effective treatment. If you don’t use any hair loss treatment for a long period of time, hair follicles may no longer alive and there is no treatment available to regenerate dead follicles. Be proactive and visit the doctor right away if your hair is thinning and started to fall more than normal.

REKZE Laboratories always recommends starting the treatment early, when noticing first signs of hair loss, as hair follicles respond best in the telogen phase, which means the follicles are alive but not growing hair. A daily and consistent treatment is also recommended.

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