Is there a cure for baldness?

cure for baldness
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You’ve might have heard it: “bald men are sexy”! There are even studies proving bald or shaved men are more attractive. They are perceived more powerful, masculine and wiser. Well, if you are not a Hollywood star, going bald it might not make you feel sexy or powerful. In fact, losing your hair in your 20’s or 30’s is extremely devastating. This is exactly why billions of men are going on a quest to fight hair loss and find a cure for baldness.

They spend money and they put entirely their hopes in all kind of products and treatments, from tonics, tablets to hair transplants. The truth is hair loss can be permanent, especially if it’s a hereditary condition, as androgenic alopecia. The best way to find out if your hair loss in permanent or reversible is to see a dermatologist. He will determine best how advanced is the hair loss, which are the causes and what can be done. Clinical exam, scalp biopsy and blood test are usually clarifying.

What about science? Are there any revolutionary drugs for hair growth?

While androgenic alopecia is so popular in men, a legitimate question is how come scientists did not found yet a medical remedy for hair loss. Well, the problem is way more complex than one would think. Thus, science people are conducting numerous experiments to find a cure for baldness.

Men’s Health‘s review says somewhere in the next decade we might have some good medical options. JAK inhibitors, stem cells or fibroblast growth factor – all these seem to be in the future remedies to explore.

Ruxolitinib (JAK inhibitor) is one of the ‘miracle cures’ for hair regrowth which made the headlines in fall 2016. The trial results from Columbia University reported 77% of the patients, who responded to treatment, got 95% of hair back.  But, according to The Guardian Ruxolitinib was tested as a treatment for alopecia areata, not androgenic alopecia, the common pattern hair loss. Also, it was a small study, with only 12 people.

Even if some positive trial results raise hope to find an effective medical cure for baldness, the fact is that it could be years, or even a decade before it will be made available. In time REKZE has developed a comprehensive line of products (shampoo, conditioner, serum and wipes) that help stop hair loss and support hair regrowth.



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