Ditch Your Bad Hair Habits

ditch your bad hair habitsOf course you know that using the flat iron or turning the heat high when blow drying your hair is not good! But you continue doing it. Why? Because changing habits deeply rooted in our daily routine is extremely hard to overcome. This doesn’t mean that is impossible. Just that you need to be more perseverant! So don’t wait, start today! Ditch your bad hair habits!

Thin, vulnerable hair needs extra care. Using qualitative hair products is not enough if you don’t break those bad habits damaging your hair.

Mishandling wet hair

Stop brushing your hair right after shower, when your wet hair is weaker and fragile, thus more likely to break. To detangle your hair, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb while your hair is coated with conditioner in the shower. Also, to minimize hair brushing when your hair is wet, comb your hair before taking the bath.

Don’t rub your wet hair with a tower to dry it off. Instead, just press gently to absorb water. Use soft towels, as they will prevent better hair getting tangled and absorb better the extra moisture. And, one more thing, don’t let your hair wrapped in the towel and forget about it, while doing your beauty ritual! Let your hair breathe and allow it to air-dry, as that is the healthiest way to dry your hair.

Wearing tight hairstyles

Avoid tight top knots, buns and ponytails especially if you have thing hair. In fact, any kind of extremely tight hairstyle is no good for your hair, as it puts excessive tension on the hair. Constantly wearing a tight style can cause traction alopecia. So loosen up! Wear your hair down whenever possible and embrace loose hairstyles.

Using hot styling tools

One more time: don’t apply hot styling tools on your hair! Heat is damaging for the proteins that make up your hair and its protective cuticle. Flatirons are especially damaging because of the combination of heat and pulling, so keep the temperature in check!

One mistake we make when we are on a rush (and we always are!) is using hot styling tools on wet hair. Your hair should be 90% dry before heat styling, even before using the blow dryer!  Limit your hot tool usage to two or three times a week and take care of your hair with oil treatments.

Ditch your bad hair habits and you will love your hair again!


Photo source: Pixabay.com


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