Review: Using REKZE after Hair Transplant

Alain is one of our customers using REKZE after hair transplant. With more than six years of testing and using anti-hair loss products, today he admits REKZE products are one of the best he ever used. Here is the story Alain share with us.

I started to use REKZE products about 4 months ago. First I’ve tried the REKZE wipes, being recommended to me by the doctor who performed my hair transplant. That’s how I discovered also the shampoo, the balsam and the serum from REKZE, and I started to use them.

The hair transplant doesn’t guarantee the result for a lifetime, but rather for 1-2 years. So if you are not using quality products you risk going back to where you started from.

Before my hair transplant I’ve tried almost everything on the market – minoxidil, nanoxidil, aminexil, natural products…. But nothing worked for me so I went for the hair transplant as the last solution.  

It is hard to tell at this point how much of the results I have are thanks to the hair transplant or due to the products I use. But what I know is that now I have a scalp that looks healthy, hydrated, with no sebum excess. The hair I have is also healthy, even the parts with thin hair strands.

From my experience (and I have quite a lot), REKZE products are among the most complex on the market and the best I’ve used so far. For 6 years I’ve been testing products, searching the forums, looking for others’ experience just hoping to find the solution for my hair loss. I recommend REKZE products! Those like me, who tried also other products, will feel the difference for sure and will know they made the best choice.

In the future I would want to find at REKZE also a vitamin complex, tablets that would help also from inside the body to prevent hair loss, with no side effects… Hope they will come soon with such a solution!

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