How hair loss treatments work?

hair loss treatmentsHair Loss Treatments: To better understand how hair loss treatments work and what tratement is best for you, first step to take is to find what has caused your hair loss in first place.

There are several factors responsible for hair loss. Without identifying the reason, it is impossible to combat hair loss. Interestingly the hair loss causes are mostly the same for the men and women with some exceptions like menopause or hair loss after giving birth.

Most common causes of hair loss

Heredity is one of the most important factors of hair loss. Many people experience hair loss due to heredity. When it comes to heredity hair loss cannot be stopped, but there are some efficient treatments and products that can slow the process and reduce the impact. REKZE Laboratories line of hair care products designed to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Stress: nowadays, everyone is busy with their tight work schedule making modern life’s stress unavoidable. But chronic stress can lead to excessive hair loss. Best way to combat hair loss in this case is to identify the stress factors and try to lead a more healthy lifestyle.

Hormonal Imbalance: hormones play a major role in your body and hormonal changes can cause critical health issues like hair loss.

Lack of a healthy diet: protein and amino acids are key elements when it comes to new cell generation in the human body. Protein rich foods not only build muscle, it is also equally responsible for having a healthy hair. Include protein sources in your regular diet like fish, meat and eggs. If you’re a vegetarian then include vegan and vegetable protein sources in your diet.

Vitamin B deficiency is another reason of hair loss. The best way to combat with vitamin B deficiency is to include vitamin B rich food to your diet or take vitamin B capsules if required.

Hair care product abuse: using many hair care products in a short time can cause significant hair loss. The main reason is that different chemicals have a great impact on the human body. So it is strongly recommended that, read the hair care product’s label carefully, and avoid if you have any allergic problem.

Most effective hair loss treatments

After finding the cause of your hair loss you can look into various treatments that can help you get rid of this affection. There are some cases when hair cannot be restored with classic topical treatments and one has to resort to laser treatments and hair transplant.

Even in these situations topical treatments can be very helpful as restoring the optimal environment for hair growth is essential to obtain a healthy hair.
Selecting most appropriate treatment and hair care products is essential to stop hair loss and stimulate hair loss.

Topical treatments and cosmetic products like Rekze Laboratories line of hair care products designed to reduce hair loss and restore the optimal conditions for hair growth work by cleaning the scalp from build-ups and debris. Help reducing toxins that might cause hair to become brittle and thin enhance the scalp’s ability to support the growth of healthy hair that is less susceptible to breakage and falling.

The line includes the 63 shampoo, 43 conditioner, 24 serum and 28 scalp wipes. To increase the efficacy of topical treatments start using them as early as noticing the first signs of excessive hair loss.

When it comes to hair transplants, these is a type of surgery that translates in harvesting hair follicles from a donor site on the body (usually the back of the head) and moving them to fill an area with thin or no hair.

Another hair loss treatment is the low level laser therapy. This therapy is considered a safe form of light/heat treatment that has been used to treat the genetic forms of hair loss common in men and women, androgenetic alopecia or pattern balding.

Nutritional supplements treatment has also proven some efficacy in reducing hair loss especially when the cause is an unhealthy lifestyle.

No matter the the type of treatment one chooses to treat hair loss it’s worth reminding that none of them is an overnight miracle cure. Any hair loss treatment needs time to show maximum results, however results are noticed very early in the process.

Which hair loss treatments do you use?


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