REKZE Laboratories Transforms the Hair Care & Beauty Landscape with Its Clinically Proven Hair Care Line for Both Women and Men

Miami, FL, January 24, 2018

REKZE Laboratories confirms efficacy of its cosmetic hair care line through comprehensive clinical tests performed by an independent laboratory, showing 63 shampoo, 43 conditioner and 24 serum improve hair thickness and hair density, essential conditions in fighting hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. Launched little over a year ago, REKZE Laboratories anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating line of products, has now clinically demonstrated both the safety of its compounds, and efficacy of its properties.

The 63 shampoo, 43 conditioner, and 24 serum from REKZE Laboratories have been clinically tested on both women and men with hair fall tendency, noticeable diffuse thinning, dry damaged aspect of hair, and hair that is easily breakable. REKZE Laboratories hair care line is also dermatologist tested on sensitive skin, made with natural ingredients, and hypoallergenic.

The clinical study for all three products has been conducted for a period of 4 weeks on a control group of 25 people, women and men, with all types of hair. 63 shampoo improved hair thickness by 3% and hair density by 19% in the control group, after just 4 weeks of using the product, while 43 conditioner showed improvement of hair thickness by 5% and hair density by 21% in the control group. The clinical study conducted for the 24 serum showed an increase of 7% in hair thickness, and 25% in hair density after just 4 weeks of use.

In addition, on the self-evaluation of the subjects, 80% of the volunteers using 63 shampoo felt their hair stronger, 76% felt their scalp revitalized, while 64% of them said they’ve seen less hair loss. 64% of them consider the shampoo better than any other similar product they’ve used before, and 80% of them would buy the product. While using the 43 conditioner, 72% of the volunteers noticed reduced hair loss, while 84% of them noted improved hair condition, among other benefits. 76% of the volunteers would buy the product. The 24 serum was noted to reduce hair loss by 75% of the volunteers, while 55% said it stimulated hair growth, 63% said they felt their hair condition improved, while 76% said their hair looks fuller. 59% of the volunteers said 24 serum is better than any similar product they’ve used before, and that they would buy it.

REKZE Laboratories formulas for its anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating hair care line combines some of the most well known ingredients showing the greatest efficacy in stimulating hair growth and reducing hair loss, and they were created as a result of a high technology innovation process, specially conceived for both, women and men. The formulas contain a carefully selected blend of DHT blockers, organic plant extracts and nutrients gentle to the hair and skin, which clean and nourish the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate the scalp naturally, boosting blood circulation.

About REKZE Laboratories
REKZE Laboratories is a privately held-boutique company specialized in the development of cosmetic and beauty products for hair and skin. Its innovative line of hair care products designed to restore the optimal environment for hair regrowth currently includes the 63 shampoo, 43 conditioner, 24 serum and 28 scalp wipes. REKZE Laboratories products are specially designed to deliver maximum results through non-prescription over-the-counter beauty products.

Rekze Laboratories brand is represented by two corporate entities based in the United States, Rekze Laboratories LLC, and respectively, in the United Kingdom, Rekze Laboratories Ltd, both entities are privately held.

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