Clinically proven hair growth products

Clinical and dermatological testing of all REKZE Laboratories products plays a key role in ensuring the company offers its clients the highest quality products, and enables it to constantly improve them through research and innovation.

REKZE Laboratories works only with partners applying most rigorous clinical controls to the studies, which are delivered by experienced clinical assessors and trial project managers. The results of the clinical testing have reinforced REKZE Laboratories brand through thorough cosmetic safety testing proving our products potential and results. All REKZE Laboratories anti-hair loss and hair growth stimulating products have been tested and proven effective on subjects with hair fall tendency, noticeable diffuse thinning, dry damaged aspect of hair, hair that is easily breakable.

The 63 shampoo from REKZE Laboratories proved to improve hair thickness by 3% and hair density by 19% in the control group, after just 4 weeks of using the product. Tested on both, women and men, 63 shampoo was also very well tolerated on the scalp and hair. Participants in the clinical study have reported reduced hair loss (64%), improved hair condition (76%), revitalized scalp (76%), stronger hair (80%), increased hair elasticity (80%), some also noted it stimulated hair growth (52%), among other positive effects.

When it comes to the 43 conditioner, it proved to improve hair thickness by 5% and hair density by 21% in the control group, after just 4 weeks. Participants in the study also reported reduced hair loss (72%), improved hair condition (84%), less brittle hair (84%), increased hair elasticity (84%), reduced scalp dryness (84%), as well as noting it stimulated hair growth (76%).

The clinical study conducted for the 24 serum showed to improve hair thickness by 7% and hair density by 25% in the control group, after just 4 weeks. The 24 serum from REKZE Laboratories was reported to reduce hair loss (75% of clinical study participants), make hair stronger (51%), improve hair condition (63%), nourish the hair (71%), reduce hair thinning (59%), stimulate hair growth (55%), as well as make hair look fuller (76%), besides other positive results. All REKZE Laboratories products have proven effective on both, men and women.

By conducting clinical and dermatological testing on all its products, REKZE Laboratories wants to prove once again its long-term commitment in using its expertise in delivering only the highest quality designed hair care solutions to market.

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