Hair loss: Why to see a dermatologist?

hair loss
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Is your hair thinning? You notice more hair on your pillow or in the sink than usually? Your scalp is more visible? You have patchy hair loss, peeling of the scalp or redness? Then you should make an appointment to a dermatologist!

We’ve recommended more than once seeking a professional advice. WHY?

Firstly, because there are different causes of hair loss, hair breaking or thinning, and only a medical specialist can identify the reason you see your hair slipping through your fingers. A clear diagnosis leads to a correct treatment.

Also, hair problems, as many other skin conditions, could be a signal for something else going wrong in your body. Anemia, thyroid diseases or autoimmune diseases can hide behind the surface manifestations.

What kind of investigations are necessary?

Usually the specialist puts a diagnostic after checking the medical history and running a clinical exam, but can also require some specific tests.

During the medical exam your doctor will ask about:

  • When you first noticed hair loss or thinning? Was it gradual or suddenly?
  • Is there a history of hair loss in your family? Does any relative (mother, father, brother, sister) experienced hair loss and what were the causes?
  • Have you experienced any mental or emotional stress in the past months?
  • Any recent illness or chronic diseases. Also, the medicines you are taking.
  • Your diet, to see if there are any nutritional disorders.

Beside the examination of your scalp and hair, the dermatologist can also require these tests:

  • Hair analysis and/ or scalp biopsy. For it the doctor will pull some hair strands and take a scalp sample.
  • Blood tests, necessary to exclude some specific conditions (for example a thyroid gland malfunctioning), other hormonal imbalances and minerals or vitamins deficit in the body.

Statistics say women are more likely to see a doctor about their hair loss problems than men. We encourage everyone: don’t waste time anymore and ask for a professional advice! Dermatologists acknowledge that the sooner you are starting a treatment, the better you can prevent more hair from falling and stimulate hair regrowth.



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