Causes of hair loss in women

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Causes of hair loss in womenA woman’s body is different than a man’s body and hair loss or thinning hair is not all a man’s thing. Women are also suffering of hair loss and other related problems. Hair loss or thin hair is not only a health problem, but it has also a serious psychological ans social impact. Usually people who suffer from hair loss experience also low moral during social gatherings, especially if they are very young and even more if they are women. There are several causes of hair loss in women.

Here is a quick list:

Bad Hair Styles: hair styling including different hair gels, hair sprays, colors, trimming and straightening brushes and flat irons are very damaging for the hair. Those chemicals and heat treatments make hair weak and gradually lead to its loss. Extreme heat and straightening can cause hair fall due to breakage and cuticle damage.

Using the Wrong Hair Care Products: some hair care products including shampoos and conditioners, some even designed for preventing and treating hair loss are using harsh chemicals that can worsen the hair condition and cause significant and long term damage. It is very important to read the product label carefully before using the product. If you have any allergic problem, consult your doctor before using any new hair care product. To avoid all these REKZE LABORATORIES has chosen to use only natural ingredients in its products designed to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. The formulation in REKZE LABORATORIES line is developed completely without the use of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, low cost detergents in shampoos and cleansers that are linked to skin irritation, drying, and hair loss due to follicle attack. The line includes the 63 shampoo, 43 conditioner, 24 serum and 28 scalp wipes.

Anemia: many young and adult women suffer from hair loss due to anemia. There are many types of anemia and its most well known forms are iron deficiency anemia or vitamin B-12 deficiency. It is usually defined as a decrease in the total amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood. As a result of this – blood can’t deliver oxygen to hair follicles and it leads to hair breaking easily.

Menopause: menopause is a crucial moment for every middle aged woman. When a woman hits menopause, estrogen hormone level decreases significantly and this has a great impact on a woman’s body and mind. Reduced levels of estrogen can cause hair to dry and will tend to break quickly.

Protein Deficiency could also be one of the causes of hair loss in women.Human cells growth depends mainly on protein and hair is no exception. Protein deficiency can cause hair loss, thinning hair or low hair growth rate. The reason is that hair is made of keratin (a form of protein) and lack of protein can cause a serious impact.

Medication: some affections like Polycystic ovarian syndrome and its medication cause hair loss. Additionally, oral contraceptives can cause hair loss or thin hair. Other hormonal pills sometimes have similar side effects.

Thyroid Disease/ Autoimmune Disease: Thyroid gland is responsible for releasing and maintaining the level of triiodothyronine and thyroxine hormones. These two hormones are equally responsible for human’s body growth. Hyper and hypothyroidism, both cause poor hair condition. In that case, proper treatment is highly recommended. On the other hand, during autoimmune disease, human body creates antibodies against its own cell and attack hair. In both cases medical consultation is a MUST.

Pregnancy is one of the common causes of hair loss in women. Again, it is a game of hormones, but fortunately this is a temporary issue, as the affection is caused by a sudden decrease in estrogen hormone after giving birth. Read more about Hair loss after childbirth.

Dieting and poor nutrition: hair growth and healthy hair depend on certain dietary parameters like rich protein diet. Optimum iron level and vitamin D are also very important. Additionally, according to some experts, calcium can play a vital role in hair growth. Therefore a balanced and healthy diet not only keeps your hair healthy, but also improves your overall health.

Pollution: pollution is one of the prime reasons for hair loss. Dust and other particles can harm hair. That’s why a proper attention given to cleaning the scalp and hair is important. Use anti-hair loss wipes to deep clean your hair and scalp and reduce the hair loss due to cuticle damage. It is strongly recommended to clean, condition and moisturize hair and scalp regularly. REKZE LABORATORIES has launched the world’s first scalp wipes designed to cleanse the scalp and create the optimal conditions for hair growth, while helping make hair look thicker. The ‘28′ scalp wipes combine over 28 ingredients specially chosen to help treat hair thinning and shredding hair supporting a healthy hair growth.


2 thoughts on “Causes of hair loss in women

  1. janio fagundes says:

    I started to lose hair at the age of 25, only at 40 did I find a more natural way of rebuilding. But this time I suffered with women often rejecting me and their nicknames.

  2. Tyler Meredith says:

    It’s interesting that some diets can cause poor health nutrition and actually make hair fall out. My wife has been losing some of her hair and I’m concerned that it’s because of this new diet she’s doing. I’ll have to look into procedures for her as well as talking to her about what it might be that’s causing the loss of hair.

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