Hair transplant – the ultimate solution to hair loss and 28 Wipes for scalp

Hair transplant: Hair transplantation is widely considered to be one of the most effective solutions for restoring hair after an excessive loss. This is mainly because it’s permanent, and – aside of having a higher cost than other treatments -, it is a relatively simple procedure.

What mean hair transplant?

It is basically a type of surgery that moves hair from the back of the head to the area affected by hair loss. These types of surgeries have been done since 1950s and techniques have evolved. The hair transplantation procedure can take about 4 to 8 hours depending on the size of the transplant. Sometimes another procedure is required at a later date if the hair loss continues. The surgery is almost painless and the best thing about hair transplantation is that at the end you get a natural looking hair regrowth.

As the main reason such a procedure was the excessive hair loss, the best thing to do after a hair transplant is to look into what caused the hair loss in the first place to not have to repeat the experience. There are cases when not much can be done and this in particular when hair loss has a hereditary factor. But even in this case a hair transplant followed by a healthy lifestyle and using the right hair care products, it can significantly slow down the process.

Because the right hair care products are very important when it comes to preventing and stopping hair loss, REKZE Laboratories has developed the most complex line of products that stimulates hair growth and fights against hair loss.

Apart from that, REKZE Laboratories has included the world’s first scalp wipes designed to cleanse the scalp and creating the optimal conditions for hair growth, while helping make hair look thicker. 28 scalp wipes are great to use a month after the hair transplant as they make it easy to clean the scalp and restore its natural moisture balance, which is essential to optimal hair growth.

28 scalp wipes are ideal to use after a hair transplant as the complex formula incorporated helps maintaining the delicate hair follicles of the scalp in their healthiest possible state for the production and maintenance of optimal hair at every stage of life.

They are best to use a month after the hair transplant and not immediately after to not interfere with the after-surgery treatment. To maximize the effect it’s recommended to be used in addition to ’63’ shampoo, ’43’ conditioner, and ’24’ serum from REKZE Laboratories.

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