Hair Growth Shampoo with Emu Oil: Why Emu oil is helpful for Hair Growth?

Hair growth shampoo with Emu Oil: Why Emu oil is helpful for hair growth?

Who would have thought that one of the most effective ingredients against hair loss can be found in the fat of that large lightless bird called Emu, which can only be found in Australia? Well believe it or not, research has shown that emu oil offers amazing results in treating hair loss.

Clinical studies proved emu oil has the power to awaken over 80% of “sleeping” hair follicles and stimulates hair to start growing again.

What better reason than this to use this compound in hair growth shampoo?

For REKZE Laboratories this made it an easy decision when we included it in our ’63’ shampoo. Emu oil offers the hair the fatty acids that it needs for healthy growth and it cleans up the scalp and the follicles of dirt and blockages. This makes it easier for the hair to re-grow from dead pores.

The use of Emu oil in hair products that fight against hair-loss and stimulate hair growth has many other advantages. First, this compound is safe and natural and has anti-inflammatory properties, regenerates skin and repairs the DNA.

Emu oil is also bacteriostatic as no bacterial organisms are grown by emu oil and it is a great emulsifier. While it treats hair loss and stimulates its re-growth across the frontal line, which is more difficult to attain that across the vertex area, it also did not show any sign of causing irritation of the skin and scalp.


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