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21 02, 2017

Is there a cure for baldness?

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Photo source: You’ve might have heard it: “bald men are sexy”! There are even studies proving bald or shaved men are more attractive. They are perceived more powerful, masculine and wiser. Well, if you are not a Hollywood star, going bald it might not make you feel sexy or powerful. In [...]

28 01, 2017

Hair trends for 2017. Healthy is always cool

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2017 will be a great year for your hair. How can we tell? Well, because “natural looking hair” is one of this year’s trends, according to the famous publication Source: Pinterest In 2016 various celebrities decided to go for a natural look. Alicia Keys started a real movement and inspired lots [...]

5 01, 2017

Can I make hair grow faster?

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Know the facts and choose smart! If you found this article by typing on Google the question: How can I make hair grow faster? you must know that despite all the “five quick steps” recipes that you will find on the internet, things don’t happen overnight! In fact, there are no shortcuts for a [...]

23 12, 2016

Rekze Laboratories unveils most complex hair care line designed to ensure optimal conditions for hair regrowth

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August 11, 2016 Rekze Laboratories unveils most complex hair care line designed to ensure optimal conditions for hair regrowth Rekze Laboratories Ltd, a privately held-boutique company, has launched its line of hair care products dedicated to cleanse the scalp and creating the optimal conditions for hair growth. With this launch Rekze Laboratories Ltd makes the [...]

21 12, 2016

Top 7 Foods That Enhances Hair Growth

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Top 7 Foods That Enhance Hair Growth: Your hair can reap the maximum benefits of a balanced diet, much more than other body parts and become stronger, thicker and nourished, as this is one of the key elements in the process of hair growth. Even if the results won't show, the changes do take rapidly [...]

3 11, 2016

Minoxidil, Nanoxidil, Procapil and Aminexil – The hair regrowth battle

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The anti-hair loss and hair regrowth battle: Minoxidil, Nanoxidil, Procapil and Aminexil We've compiled a list of data and information on these ingredients including: price, comparison, review and side effects. As one of our customers asked us why should they use '24' serum with Procapil complex when there are already plenty of products out [...]