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Are you passionate about cutting edge hair care products? At REKZE Laboratories we believe in a passion shared – a passion for hair – because being passionate about hair means being passionate about you.

We are looking for powerful and purposeful individuals that crave for the ultimate hair all year round, and most importantly won’t stop talking about where they got their fabulous hair!

You’ve got to have active social media accounts, and most importantly love REKZE Laboratories. We need you on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to spread the word!

Simply fill-out the form below and someone in our marketing department will be in touch with you.

What are the perks of being a REKZE Laboratories Ambassador?
• Enjoy exclusive discounts on REKZE Laboratories products to shout about!
• Receive all the latest news, promotions, tips and secrets all about hair loss, hair growth, and a healthy hair.
• You will get the chance to review all our latest product launches before they hit the shelves in stores & more.
• You’ll be supported by all the REKZE Laboratories social media channels to help you grow just like you’re helping us.


As a REKZE Laboratories Ambassador you will be representing our brand and telling everybody how incredible it is. More importantly, we want you engaged and involved in communities of people passionate about hair care, but also in those interested in the latest advancements in the treatment of hair loss and hair growth..

You’ll need to:

• Drive traffic to the website.
• Help to increase our Twitter and Instagram ‘Followers’ and Facebook ‘Likes’.
• Work to build a solid relationship between REKZE Laboratories and your online community.